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  The Scorpion #1 The Scorpion #2 The Scorpion #3  
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Probably the Atlas title with the most breakout potential was the Scorpion, written and illustrated by Howard Chaykin. At least the first two issues.

The Scorpion was a man presently called "Moro Frost", but who had many different identities over many different generations. Using themes he would continue to explore over the next 15 years, Chaykin created a pulp-type adventure hero set in the days just before World War II.

The only problem is, it seems, that Chaykin wasn't fast enough for the schedule assigned to him by editor-in-chief Jeff Rovin. One has only to compare the covers of the first two issues to see the results.

The schedule problems are further evidenced by the veritable Who's Who of artists who helped Chaykin finish the second issue: Berni Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, and Walter Simonson among them.

The third issue has just about nothing to do with the first two. Chaykin quit over issues of control regarding his character when a Gabe Levy/Jim Craig story set 30 years later with the main character now a Daredevil-like costumed crime fighter. Only the logo remained.

Chaykin wasn't done with the character. He became Dominic Fortune at Marvel, where he pretty much promptly got lost in the shuffle. Chaykin, himself, though went to play a pivotal role in the independent comics boom of the early 80's with American Flagg and now works in Hollywood.

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