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Ironjaw #1
Ironjaw #1
January 1975
Cover - Neal Adams
The Saga of Ironjaw
Story - Mike Fleisher
Art - Mike Sekowsky/Jack Abel
Editor - Jeff Rovin

In a far distant future, on a planet recovering from near annihilation, the saga of Ironjaw unfolds.

An old man and his young daughter attempt to flee a patrol of the King's soldiers, who are intent on enslaving the young woman. They have no use for the old man, so they quickly take his life. Ironjaw, seeking the female for his own purposes, attempts to rescue her.

While Ironjaw is decimating the King's patrol, one of the soldiers escapes his wrath. He has noticed a unique birthmark on Ironjaw's shoulder. It is the birthmark of the Royal Family. He reports this to the King, who immediately orders the capture of Ironjaw.

Having rescued the young woman from the King's patrol, the couple take refuge in a mountain cave. They are soon discovered, however, by a young shepard tending after stray sheep. Ironjaw is talked out of slitting the boy's throat by the young woman, who secures a promise from the boy that he will not reveal their hiding place.

The boy is not true to his word. He heads to a nearby tavern and immediately reveals Ironjaw's location to one of the King's men. The cave is soon surrounded by the King's soldiers. Ironjaw and his companion have no choice but to surrender. They are lead away to the castle dungeons with the knowledge that they will faces the King's bears in the arena come morning.

The King now knows for certain that Ironjaw bears the royal birthmark. He is the son of the Queen and the rightful heir to the Kingdom. Having killed Ironjaw's father and married the Queen, the King deems that Ironjaw must die.

Princess Elena, the Queen's daughter, visits Ironjaw in the castle dungeon. She must see for herself if this savage is indeed her brother, and the heir to the throne. She is quickly attacked by Ironjaw as she enters the cell. She is saved by a jailer, who subdues Ironjaw. She knows now, that this barbarian is indeed, her brother.

After recovering from the jailer's blow, Ironjaw discovers that the Princess has left behind a means of escape, a knife. Ironjaw takes advantage and escapes his cell. Before he can leave the castle, he must rescue his young companion, who will be fed to the King's bears.


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