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The Grim Ghost #1 The Grim Ghost #2 The Grim Ghost #3
  The Grim Ghost #1 The Grim Ghost #2 The Grim Ghost #3  
  January 1975 March 1975 July 1975  
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Recently hanged Revolutionary War highwayman Matthew Dunsinane is going to suffer the tortures of perdition, thanks to his new found buddy Satan... unless, of course, they can make a "deal". Lucifer wants Matthew to keep him supplied with souls for his domain since evil people deserve to die! Armed with a few parlor tricks supplied by Satan, the Grim Ghost is sent into the 20th Century to harvest his crop of evil-doers. He rides mounted atop a jet black steed laughing like a demon from the darkest pits of hell only to battle evil in our time.

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