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Demon Hunter #1
Demon Hunter #1
September 1975
Cover - Rich Buckler
The Harvester of Eyes
Story - David Anthony Kraft
Art - Rich Buckler
Concept and Plot - Rich Buckler
Editor - Larry Lieber

An assassin is about to the take the life of Damian Severs. Before he can strike, he is confronted by Gideon Cross, member of the Harvester of Night Cult. He gives the assassin a choice, to fight or to jump off the cliff. Not having the courage to face Cross, he leaps to his death.

Gideon then returns to the home of his employer, Damian Severs, to collect payment for his services. His payment is more than money, he demands a small flask of blood from Severs. This flask will then be handed over to the Harvester of Night Cult.

Gideon is given another assignment by Severs. Kill his former partner, a Mafia kingpin who has been hiding out in Jamaica.

As Gideon begins to drift off to sleep, he recounts how he became a Harvester of Eyes. The Cult gave him a sense of purpose after he returned from Vietnam. But after 11 missions for the Harvesters of Night, Gideon begins to have doubts.

Gideon accompanies Severs to a huge drug transaction. After this deal, Severs will be able to go legit, and finally settle up with his back-stabbing partner.

Gideon takes his leave of Severs and several days later, arrives at the airport for his flight to Jamaica. He is shocked to see a newspaper that states the Damian Severs has committed suicide. Cross knows better, and realizes that he was murdered.

Prior to leaving on his flight, he must deliver the flask of Damian Sever's blood to a cult member. Upon entering a storeroom to meet his contact, he is attacked by a demon. The Cult has sensed his upcoming betrayal and has chosen to eliminate him. Cross manages to defeat the demon but many questions remain unanswered. He realizes, however, that the Cult has been using him. But for what purpose ?

Rather than go to Jamaica, Gideon decides to go to Nigeria. He returns to the Dark Retreat, the Secret Sanctum of the Harvesters of Night. This is where he became indoctrinated into the Cult.

Upon entering the Sanctum, he is witness to a bizarre ritual as the Cult uses the life essence of Damian Severs to revive Astoroth, Grand Duke of Hell. His goal - Xenogenesis, the re-birth of the demon race on earth. Knowing that he cannot defeat the entire Cult, he flees the Sanctum. He knows that the Cult will come looking for him.

Gideon Cross has a new purpose - to prevent the re-birth of the demon race. He has become...Demon-Hunter.


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